Short programme

For all attendees, the event kicked off in the historic city of České Budějovice with an evening welcome reception. The following day, everyone could enjoy a delightful trip to four local farms in Southern Bohemia, followed by a trip to the enchanting Chateau of Hluboká. Day three was dedicated to the exhibition site for the National Angus Show, which proudly presented the finest animals from Czech breeders. The last day of the Short Programme was filled with engaging presentations by invited speakers, and an amazing debate, shedding light on recent developments in Angus breeding, followed by the World Angus Secretariat meeting.

10th September
Výstaviště České Budějovice

The culmination of the event arrived with the Sunday National Angus Show —an electrifying competition celebrating Czechia’s Angus breeding accomplishments over three decades. Trio of judges, PJ Budler (from all over the world), Erica Halliday from Australia, and William McLaren from Scotland, embraced an innovative independent category evaluation and and averaging method. Robert Gilchrist of the Aberdeen Angus Society appreciated that “it’s not something you see much, the three judges. You’ve got a broad perspective, what’s a champion in one country is not necessarily a champion in another country, and everybody’s looking for something different.” The overall winners were Harper from Rantířov as Reserve Champion, and Hubert MS from the farm of Miroslav Sklář earned the coveted Grand Champion accolade. Judges agreed on the high quality and uniformity of the winning animals, with the only disagreements being about ranking the positives and faults of the animals.

William McLaren commended the remarkable improvement in stock quality, highlighting advancements in calving ease, fleshing, and presentation.

Hubert MS, Sklář Miroslav

Harper z Rantířova, Šašek Vladimír jr.

11th September
Výstaviště České Budějovice

Transitioning from the festivities, the Monday morning congress commenced with dynamic presentations on cattle breeding, genomic selection, nutrition, and technological advancements by leading companies such as Vytelle and Wasserbauer. A stimulating debate, moderated by PJ Budler and featuring international experts Willaima McLarren (UK), Erica Halliday (Australia), Kirk Wildman (Canada), Marc McCully (USA), and Billy Estrada (Mexico), delved into the breed’s societal and environmental challenges. Recordings of these insightful discussions are available here.

11th September
Výstaviště České Budějovice

The congress progressed with the gathering of the World Angus Secretariat, where delegates from member countries presented comprehensive overviews of their national Angus breeding landscapes. This assembly served as a pivotal platform for shaping the future trajectory of Angus breeding on a global scale.


Those who had decided to participate in the Standard and Standard + After tour programs were treated to captivating journeys through Bohemia in the west, the Czech Highlands in the center, and Moravia in the east of the country. In addition to farm visits, participants had the opportunity to explore Prague from a historic tram, enjoy an evening river cruise, or experience the spa and hospitality of the Grandhotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary.

Beer enthusiasts savoured the world-famous Czech beers, while wine lovers indulged in tastings in the wine cellars of a monastery. Along the way, an abundance of delicious food and traditional beverages awaited. The grand finale, the closing dinner, unfolded at the prestigious National Museum of Agriculture in Prague.

After Tours

The After tours led attendees to a number of UNESCO Heritage sites, including the hidden gem of Moravia, the city of Olomouc, and the Chateau of Litomyšl in East Bohemia. Throughout these excursions, guests were treated to local feasts, stunning landscapes, and a warm welcome from Czech breeders who generously shared tours of their farms.