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8th—15th September 2023
@ České Budějovice, Czechia

Dear Angus breeders,

welcome to the World Angus Technical Meeting 2023 site. I’m glad that Czechia was given the opportunity to present their Angus cattle to the world. I believe the world in 2023 will be back in old tracks again all of you have the chance to enjoy our cattle, the lovely country and especially the hospitality of our breeders.

Breeding in 21st century is an era of electronic data. The value of every genetical material is from large part created by the accompanied data. The full use of the potential of worldwide genetic sources is largely dependent on easy data transfer between societies. I am convinced that establishment of universal system for data exchange is an easy way to promote the fame of Angus breed.


Milan Šebelka
Milan Šebelka foto

Angus in Czechia

History of Angus in Czechia started in 1992 when first females imported from Canada gave birth. Soon after genetics was imported from all over the world, mainly from North America, UK, Denmark and several other European countries. Since than the population rose rapidly to nowadays nearly five thousand purebred calves registered every year. The Czech Aberdeen Angus Association was established in 1993 and has over 100 members to date. Czech Angus cattle is exported all over the Europe.

The herd size ranges from few cows to several hundreds. Red and black Angus are equally represented. Many farms run in organic schemes and sell their meat directly to customers.

From early beginnings performance is recorded through the society including ultrasound assessing of carcass traits. Breeding is focused on excellent growth accompanied by easy management and is facilitated by intense use of AI and embryotransfer. All animals entering herdbook are parent verified using SNP since 2019 including assessment of genetic conditions.

Aberdeen Angus Aberdeen Angus Aberdeen Angus Aberdeen Angus Aberdeen Angus

The Event

The week of World Angus Technical Meeting will start with national Angus show and the WAS meeting at the exhibition site in the heart of historic city České Budějovice. Later on, we will travel around the country visiting Angus herds of various types ranging from hi-tech automated farms to mountain pastures. Our journey will also include many stops at the most exciting historical and natural attractions. Most importantly, numerous social event will always be accompanied by the best Czech beer.

Aberdeen Angus Budweiss Exposition Hall Budweiss Exposition Hall Budweiss Exposition Hall

The Country


Prague, City of a Hundred Spires, a UNESCO monument and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Get to know it in person.

The Old Town Hall with the famous Prague Astronomical Clock. The winding lanes of the Jewish Quarter, which you know from the novels of Franz Kafka, steeped in the legend of the Golem. Cafes enticing you to come and have a seat, boutiques and sight-seeing cruises on the Vltava. The Gothic Charles Bridge and Church of St. Nicholas in the Lesser Town, the most beautiful Baroque church in Prague. The Palace Gardens set away from the bustle of the city, Petřín with a lookout tower reminiscent of a small Eiffel Tower and Prague Castle. Each of Prague’s districts has its own characteristic atmosphere and unique charm. Prague presents itself to you as a changeable city, which likes to alternate styles: it is romantic and successful, ancient and modern, but above all it is a city that is cosmopolitan through and through, and is used to welcoming foreigners. It is time to get acquainted.

České Budějovice

Elegant townhouses gathered around one of the largest squares in Europe, an idyllic salt store and a brewery cooking up the original Budvar beer – this is České Budějovice, the capital of South Bohemia. This city has preserved its historical character over the centuries but is also a modern regional centre. So come and savour the city’s pleasant atmosphere with a tankard of our world famous beer.

Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov, poetically called the Gate to Šumava, is a town where you either want to live or at least visit repeatedly. The town surrounded with meanders of the Vltava River used to be a seat of many powerful Bohemian families. Today, there is a protected monument reservation in the centre, a large collection of the work of Egon Schiele, a fascinating photo studio, and one of the most beautiful castles and chateaus in the Czech Republic. Thanks to its unique preserved medieval core, Český Krumlov is included on the UNESCO list.

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